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Half of all American households share their lives with a pet, which makes us wonder about the reasons for their adoption. This is not an easy task, because although market research would provide more information, few studies have been carried out on this subject.

The profile of teachers can also be analyzed. The results show that families with children are more likely to have a pet than families without children or single people. It is more common for families with children to have animals, not only for the children, but also because it is easier to take good care of them if the tasks are divided between several people. It is also more common for people who had animals as children to adopt them. Thirdly, scientific studies on animal adoption and the benefits to their owners can be analyzed. From this perspective, it seems that many of the reasons for adopting an animal are common to all types of owners, from children to the elderly who live alone.

Here are, among others, the reasons why we adopt a pet:

  • For its unconditional love for its owner and other family members.
  • Because an animal doesn’t judge a person’s personality or physique.
  • Because it is a faithful companion that can become our best friend.
  • Because an animal is cute.
  • Because an animal is always happy and transmits its good mood to us.
  • Because of the health benefits of walking and caring for the dog.
  • Because an animal helps strengthen the immune system of children and reduces the possibility of developing allergies.
  • Because an animal is playful and fun.
  • Because an animal boosts self-esteem, especially in children and people who live alone.
  • Because petting and kissing an animal reduces stress.

Why did you create NewsMox?

If I decided to create a site, it is above all to share the good advice that will make your dog happy and perfectly trained! NewsMox was designed to address all dog lovers, young owners as well as experienced masters.

On NewsMox, you will find many tips and testimonials on dog training and the daily life of dogs. Feeding, dog care, how to play, training techniques… My mistress and I will tell you everything so that you can live a perfect friendship story with your favorite hairball!

My site is a real meeting place for all dog owners. So if you like my site or have any questions about how to make your doggie happy, feel free to leave a comment on NewsMox and tell your friends and family about it!

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