How to make a fried and baked starch biscuit with few ingredients

Light, crunchy, healthy, and tasty: the starch biscuit (whether sweet or salty) is quite successful, and for those who don’t know, it is one of the easiest snacks to prepare at home. Basically made with cassava starch (flour), eggs, oil, water, salt, or sugar (depending on the desired flavor), this snack is very simple and is ready in a few minutes. We have separated tips on how to make fried and roasted starch biscuits to serve as a snack to help you. It is worth checking!

How to make a starch biscuit?

Before starting the preparation, it is important to define the cookie flavor you want, whether sweet or salty sprinkles. Depending on the choice, it will be necessary to use a specific type of manioc starch: sour or sweet starch. Also, you can also choose whether you prefer to fry or bake the biscuit and even if you want to increase the recipe (add cheese, for example). Here, we separate two options made in the oven or fried in oil. Just choose!

Manioc Starch Cookies

A good tip is to bet on the recipe for sweet powder baked in the oven to make a quick and tasty snack. Basically made with 5 ingredients, this cookie is one of the simplest and is also a great option to serve in a meeting between friends.

You will need:

500 g of Sweet powder, 200 ml of water, 170 ml of oil at room temperature, 4 large eggs, 1 shallow dessert spoon of salt.

In a bowl, place the sweet powder, salt, boiling water and mix well. Then add the oil, mix until it becomes more homogeneous, and then add the eggs one by one, always stirring so that the dough is well incorporated and smooth. Transfer the mixture to a pastry bag (or a bag with a pierced tip) and then shape the cookies into a shape (which does not need to be greased). You can model the cookies very thin, as they will grow. Bake in the preheated oven at 200 ° C for about 25 minutes, and you’re done!

Fried starch biscuit

How about preparing a recipe for salted starch biscuit and, this time, frying in hot oil instead of baking in the oven? In this case, you will need to use the sour starch (indicated for savory recipes) and, if you want, you can also increase the recipe with grated half-cured cheese.

You will need:

500 g of Qualitá sour flour, 1 ½ cup of milk, 1 ½ cup of oil, 4 large eggs, 250 g of grated half-cured cheese (optional), 1 shallow dessert spoon of salt, oil for frying.

To start:

  1. Put the milk, oil, and salt in a saucepan and bring to a boil.
  2. Pour the mixture on top of the sour powder and mix well, until smooth.
  3. Wait for the dough to cool, and then add the eggs one by one, always stirring to smooth the mixture.
  4. In the end, add the grated half-cured cheese (optional), mix well, and then knead the dough a little so that it is softer.
  5. Transfer to a pastry bag (or a bag with a hole in the end) and shape the cookies on a platter.

Take them to fry in very hot oil and ready!

Note: The two recipes (sweet or salted starch biscuit) can be baked in the oven or fried in oil – it depends on your preference. Also, you can also use creativity when modeling cookies, making ball shapes, toothpicks, or even an “8”. It’s up to you!

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