Tips for having a varied menu for the week without changing the shopping list

Do you also have a habit of cooking practically the same thing and never try different recipes? Often, people end up attending to the dishes they already know – such as rice and simple beans, steak, grilled chicken, and boiled potatoes – and end up forgetting to try to innovate in the kitchen. To help you in this regard, we have separated tips on how to create a varied (and tasty) menu for the week, using the same ingredients as always – that is, without having to modify the shopping list. Take a look!

Make dumplings with leftover rice and beans

Do you know that leftover rice ends up from lunch? To not waste (or let it spoil), a good suggestion is to try to innovate in the kitchen, preparing new recipes. For example, to make rice balls, just add a little wheat flour, milk, grated cheese, green scent, and other spices of your choice. Beat everything in the processor, make balls with your hands, and fry in the hot oil. It is delicious!

The same goes for leftover beans, which can be turned into delicious dumplings or even tutu (in this case, just add cassava flour, spices like the green scent and mix until the beans are in tutu consistency). To prepare the dumpling, in turn, it is necessary to add eggs, spices (such as parsley and chives), wheat flour until the dough is bonded, and then make balls with your hands and fry in the hot oil. It’s very tasty!

Note: You do not need to prepare these recipes with leftover food, but plan to make these dishes from time to time and innovate in the kitchen.

Have you tried making rosti or stuffed potatoes?

When it comes to eating potatoes, do you usually prepare only the simplest dishes, such as puree and sauté? If the answer is yes, it’s time to try to innovate! The rosti potato recipe, for example, is a great tip for those who want to make something different (and more refined). To do this, just grate the potatoes, make a round layer in a frying pan with oil, cover with mozzarella, tomato (or shredded chicken), add another layer of grated potato, and fry, as if it were a pancake.

You can also prepare a stuffed potato recipe – in this case, put the whole potatoes to cook in hot water. Then, position it horizontally, make a cut at the top, remove some of the pulp and fill with whatever you prefer – stroganoff, pepperoni, cheese, etc.

Learn how to make different egg recipes

Instead of preparing just fried or boiled eggs on a daily basis, you can bet on more elaborate recipes, like omelets (with tuna, cheese, and vegetables, for example) or even try the poached egg – French recipe in which the food is prepared in hot water. The egg is one of the most used ingredients in kitchen, so there is nothing more fair than giving it a variety every now and then, isn’t it?

How about preparing homemade nuggets?

Have you tried experimenting with homemade nugget recipes? Instead of making grilled chicken (which is a more common dish), bet on a very tasty breaded dish. To prepare, just process the meat with garlic, onion, and spices of your choice. Then, make nugget shapes with your hands, wrap them in the egg, in a mixture of wheat flour + breadcrumbs, and put them to fry in the oil or air fryer. Another interesting option is to put the nuggets to bake in the oven – so you make less mess and prepare more healthily.

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